Best Bed Rack for Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is America’s best-selling mid-size truck and has been for 17 years in a row. It’s been tried and true for generations. And it’s especially popular with weekend warriors and outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to impressive off-road capabilities and legendary reliability. 

Leitner designed the Active Cargo System (ACS) rack to fit both short and long bed versions of the Toyota Tacoma, covering model years 2005 - 2023, compatible with almost all second and third generation Tacoma models.

ACS Benefits & Features

The ACS Classic has been a favorite among bed rack shoppers since its introduction in 2014. With innovative features like a rear sliding load bar and eye-level side storage, the ACS Classic is a unique, modular, and sturdy rack that can also accommodate tall or large items like motorcycles. It’s also available with integrated GearPODs for even more versatility, and a variety of compatible Leitner Accessories.

Technical Highlights:
     ● 81 pounds
     ● 23” tall measured from top of bed caps
     ● 250-pound off-road dynamic weight capacity
     ● 500-pound on-road dynamic weight capacity
     ● 1,000-pound parked static weight capacity

ACS Forged

The ACS FORGED is the next-generation Active Cargo System from Leitner Designs. The ACS FORGED features extreme load carrying capabilities thanks to its single piece aluminum alloy uprights and custom 10.9 Alloy steel fasteners. In addition to its sleek design, the ACS Forged is also equipped with Leitner’s patented sliding load bar, eye-level storage, available Gear Pods and other accessories.

Technical Highlights:
     ● 85 pounds
     ● 23” tall measured from top of bed caps
     ● Grade 10.9 black Zi-NI coated fasteners
     ● 400-pound off-road dynamic weight capacity
     ● 800-pound on-road dynamic weight capacity
     ● 1,400-pound parked static weight capacity

ACS Tonneau

The ACS FORGED TONNEAU is available to further enhance the ACS Forged rack. With a compatible T-Slot Rail Tonneau Cover, the ACS Tonneau creates a unique truck bed storage solution with the added ease and security of a seamlessly integrated covered bed tonneau.


Because the ACS rack is designed to be modular, the ACS can adapt to fit all of your outdoor hobbies and gear. Leitner’s broad lineup of Accessories opens up limitless possibilities for personalization and flexibility.

With accessories ranging from the patented GearPOD to the HydroPOD pressurized shower kit, Leitner’s ACS has unmatched adaptability among truck bed racks.

For example, Leitner Designs’ patented side-mounted GearPODs offer unique eye-level storage and sizes to fit specific needs. Available in three sizes and perfect for any Tacoma, GearPODs keep your most valuable gear within reach for quick access. When you’re done working or playing, the weatherproof, dust-resistant, locking, and padlockable GearPODs keep your gear safe when you’re on the move.

Selecting Your Rack

Leitner’s ACS bed rack is especially popular among Toyota Tacoma owners because it's just as versatile and capable as their truck. As an avid outdoor enthusiast and dirt-biker, Leitner CEO and founder Bernhard Leitner built ACS to be the bed rack he wished existed. The result is the strongest, best looking, and most modular rack system on the market. Made for off-road enthusiasts, by off-road enthusiasts. And, like the Tacoma, the ACS rack is designed to handle anything you throw at it.

Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System (ACS) is available in three models: ACS Classic (starting at $1,450), the ACS FORGED (starting at $1,650) and the ACS FORGED Tonneau ($1,550 for Rack + Tonneau cover). Each of the Active Cargo Systems is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. All ACS racks include a two-year limited warranty and are compatible with all Leitner accessories. Whether you want a bed rack for all your hunting equipment, surfing gear, or to efficiently organize your overlanding necessities, the ACS was built with your needs in mind.

While any one of Leitner’s ACS racks is compatible with and a great choice for your Tacoma, here are some of our favorite rack and truck pairings in a few sample configurations.

Access Cab 6-foot Bed

For Tacoma drivers that want the essentials done right, the Tacoma Access Cab 6-foot bed is the perfect truck. And for those Tacoma drivers, the ACS Classic rack is the ideal rack. ACS Classic realizes an ideal combination of high-quality design, rugged capability, efficient load carrying and storage flexibility, all at a reasonable price point from $1,450.

Which ACS: ACS Classic

Favorite accessory: GearPOD XL - GEN 2, easily accessible, side-mounted storage for all your necessary tools and gear. Replace your hard to access toolbox with the eye-level, efficient and easily organized GearPOD (with 40 gallons of storage volume!) Example hobbies/activities: Small business owner, weekend warrior, DIY master.

Double Cab 5-foot Bed

For Tacoma owners that want next-level load carrying capacity and sleek design, the new ACS FORGED is the answer. In the Double Cab 5-foot bed Tacoma, off-road adventures with your crew are almost a given. As the culmination of five years and hundreds of thousands of off-road testing miles, ACS Forged is the perfect rack for these adventures. ACS Forged meets the needs of Tacoma drivers that really use their trucks for off-road exploration, combining the durability and modularity of the original ACS Classic in a sleek, high-load carrying, new design. The ACS Forged bed rack is available for Tacoma models starting from $1,650.

Which ACS: ACS Forged

Favorite accessory: GearBAG for your GearPOD. The Leitner GearBAG is the ultimate GearPOD accessory and quick storage solution. It’s ideal for going on a last-minute camping, surfing, or fishing trip, because your gear can be packed, carried and ready to go from house to rack in a matter of minutes. Example hobbies/activities: Weekend camper, fly fisher, surfer, all-around outdoor adventurer.

Double Cab 6-foot Bed

With the Double Cab 6-foot bed Tacoma, you get maximum cargo carrying with maximum room for all your crew. So, why settle for anything less than the most rack? For Tacoma drivers that want the best, it’s hard to beat the next-generation design, load-carrying capabilities and seamless, easy-to-use cargo security of ACS Tonneau. With a compatible T-Slot Rail Tonneau Cover, the ACS Tonneau system creates a truck bed storage solution with the added ease and security of a covered bed tonneau.

Which ACS: ACS Tonneau

Favorite accessory: HydroPOD. For those that love to venture off-grid but keep it clean, meet HydroPOD. The compact, ACS rack-mounted wash system lets you easily bring a pressurized rinse with you — wherever you go.The hose is 20 feet long and reaches the engine compartment, even when mounted in the very back of the Active Cargo System. Which hobbies/activities: Overlanding enthusiasts, backcountry explorers and trail masters.


Over-engineered and over-built, Leitner’s patented Active Cargo System (ACS) is the only modular rack-based storage solution on the market. Thanks to its adjustable sliding rear load bar and easy-to-use eye-level storage and accessories, ACS can adapt to fit a variety of outdoor passions, sports, equipment and gear. The adaptability of ACS, its unmatched quality of construction and patented features make it the perfect match with the versatile, reliable and trusted Toyota Tacoma. Whether you choose the tried and true ACS Classic, the next-generation ACS Forged, or decide on the decked-out ACS Tonneau, Leitner Designs’ makes the best bed racks for Toyota Tacoma. To learn more and see how owners are using and living with their ACS racks, please follow Leitner Designs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.