In 2014 Bernhard Leitner built the first complete truck bed rack Active Cargo System under the simple philosophy of “Over Engineered, Over Built, to Carry Your World”.

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The Leitner 2nd Gen FORGED Active Cargo System has become one of the clear leaders in consumer truck bed rack systems based on it’s modular expandability without compromising structural integrity. We invite you to explore the Leitner Designs World and see our continually evolving product base geared to help you “Carry Your World”.

The How & Why of the Active Cargo System through the eyes of its creator Bernhard Leitner.  

Truck Bed Rack Systems

The art of design, a Leitner family hallmark, is characteristic of everything produced by LEITNER Designs. Carefully conceptualized, the Active Cargo System is beyond comparison. No other truck bed racks exist of this caliber, with the same attention to detail and build quality. The ACS accommodates your needs in a manner consistent with those of our founder, Bernhard Leitner. His name on the product guarantees its integrity and craftsmanship.

ACS Racks, whether Classic or FORGED, are better by design. Created out of a need for a stronger, lighter, better-fitting rack, it is in the DNA of our products. There’s nothing like testing our gear in real world conditions, whether riding in the desert in Baja California, overlanding in the High Sierras, or surfing in Huntington Beach. We are the riders, dirt bikers, surfers, skiers, kayakers, fishermen and overlanders that put ACS to the test every day. Join us and see how our gear helps improve your adventures.

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