What does the 250 -500 and 1000-pound load rating mean?

The ACS CLASSIC system can carry a load of 250 pounds on the load bars off road. Furthermore, the ACS CLASSIC is rated to carry 500 on road. What does this mean? If you hit a significant obstacle such as a speed bump or pothole it is possible to overload the ACS CLASSIC with 500 pounds on the rack. Lastly the ACS CLASSIC is rated at 1000 pounds “static” This refers to the vehicle being stationary and having 1000 pounds on the load bars. This might be the case when attaching a 200# roof top tent and having 3 large adults sleeping in it.

ACS FORGED has the following load raings: Off-Road= 400 lbs. | On-Road =800 lbs. | Static Load = 1400 lbs.

What truck models and years does the Active Cargo System fit?

The ACS CLASSIC fits most trucks from short bed midsize trucks measuring 5’ all the way to full size trucks with 8’ beds. The ACS FORGED is NOT offered in a 8-0” option.

Does the Active Cargo System fit mid-size trucks like the Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado, or the Canyon?


Will the Active Cargo System fit in an 8’ pickup bed?

Only the ACS CLASSIC has an option for an 8-0” Bed. The ACS FORGED is NOT offered in an 8-0” option.

Does the Active Cargo System work with the Dodge RamBox Cargo Management System?

No. The rails required to attach the ACS interfere with the Rambox side compartments.

Does the Active Cargo System fit the Chevy Avalanche?

No. The angle of the front of the truck bed prevents us from making a unit for this application.

Does the Active Cargo System fit the Honda Ridgeline?

No, we only make racks for trucks.

What is the height of the Load bars on the Active Cargo System?

The load bars are 23” high when measured from the truck bed rails. We also manufacture high Brackets that raise the load bar height to 27”. This might be required when carrying long loads above the cab of your truck on vehicles with high roof lines such as the Ford F250 and F350.

How much does the Active Cargo System weigh?

Depending on your bed length, the ACS CLASSIC system will weigh from 65# for a 5 foot short bed up to 100# for an 8 foot long bed. The ACS FORGED system is about 6 lbs. heavier than the ACS CLASSIC.

Will my spray in bed liner cause a problem?

No, The rack is designed to accommodate any sprayed in bed liner.

Can I keep my plastic drop-in bed liner?

In most situations yes, as long as it is an under the rail bed liner. Some modifications to the liner might need to be made to accommodate the clamps that attach the side rails to the bed rails.

Where is the Active Cargo System being sold?

The ACS is sold exclusively through our authorized dealer network or through our on-line store at www.leitnerdesigns.com. You will have the option to locate a dealer in your area or have us ship your Active cargo system right to your door.

What is the Active Cargo System made of?

The ACS CLASSIC is made from Military grade TIG welded aluminum. All hardware is Grade 5 Zink plated steel. The ACS FORGED has a forged 6061 Aluminum upright arm, Military Grade aluminum components, with Grade 10.9 Black Zinc- Nickle plated fasteners.


Can I Install Yakima, Thule or Rhino Rack accessories on my Active Cargo System?

Yes! The T-slot design that is used on both the ACS CLASSIC & ACS FORGED is the same that is used by most manufactures. NOTE: If the accessory you plan on using with the ACS uses a "clamp" to secure it make sure it can open up to accept our 2" square load bar. 


Where can I find replacement installation instructions?

You can find all of our installation instructions under the RESOURCES TAB.

What tools do I need to install my new Active Cargo System?

You will need the following tools:

13mm Deep socket

19mm socket

12mm Socket

13mm and 12mm open end wrench

Electric drill

Center punch

Do I have to drill my truck bed?

Only the Toyota Tacoma applications are bolt in with no drilling. The other applications require drilling 2-6 holes. Don’t worry we supply the correct drill as well as threaded inserts and an installation tool to make it painless.


Can the Active Cargo System be shipped to Canada?

Yes, Give us a call and we will get you shipping cost.

Can I pick up my Active Cargo System up at a local dealer?

Yes, we encourage you to visit one of our dealers and see the ACS first hand. They can also offer an install from a trained professional. If there is no dealer in your area, we will gladly drop ship the unit to your door.

Can the Active Cargo system be shipped via UPS, or FedEx?

Yes, We engineered the ACS from the start to make it as easy as possible to ship and install! All our products ship UPS Ground. If you are located in Hawaii, Alaska or overseas please contact us for freight shipping costs.

How much does it cost to ship my Active Cargo System?

This depends on how far you are from our factory in southern California. Most units ship for under $100 in the lower continues 48 states. All accessories are shipped separate from the ACS itself and are charges as separate items.

How long will it take to get my new Active Cargo System?

We generally ship within 1-2 weeks from order date. Shipping time depends on your distance from our manufacturing plant in southern California.


What is Leitner Designs return policy?

Returns to Leitner Designs must be made within 30 days of receiving the shipment and are subject to a 20% restocking fee in addition to return shipping costs. Leitner Designs accessories must be in the original packaging. ACS rack returns must be unused and in the original packaging. Call Leitner Designs customer service for additional questions regarding returns and for return authorization at 949-395-3049. Systems purchased from a Leitner Designs reseller should be returned to, and are subject to the return policy of, that reseller.

What is the warranty for the ACS?

We provide a two year year limited warranty on all Leitner Designs Products. If you have an issue we will work with you to make it right! Leitner Designs warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the product will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (2) years from the date of the original purchase. If within three (2) years from the original date of purchase this product fails due to defect in materials or workmanship, Leitner Designs will replace or supply any defective part at its option.

The original purchaser must contact the Leitner Designs customer service team and provide a description of the defective part, including digital pictures if requested, with the original purchase documentation.

This warranty DOES NOT cover or apply to:

Damage to the product due to misuse, mishandling, and abuse, (b) products not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations, (c) product not assembled or installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, (d) normal wear and tear, (e) undeclared damage to the system during shipping, (f) acts of God. In addition, consequential damage and incidental damages (including lost time) such as damage to persons or property are not covered under this warranty.

Who do I call if I have an issue with my Active Cargo System?

You can e-mail or call our Customer Support Team | support@leitnerdesigns.com or 949-395-3049 and we will start working on getting your issue taken care of. The Leitner Designs team is here to answer any questions.

What do I do if my Active Cargo System is missing item(s) when shipped to me?

Send us an email with your contact details and what is missing to support@leitnerdesigns.com and we will figure out a solution ASAP. If you prefer to talk to us you can call us at 949-395-3049

What happens if I break my Active Cargo System, can I buy replacement parts?

Yes. Also, your ACS system comes with a two year limited warranty. Call our support number at 949-395-3049 and speak to our team. We want to hear what happened, see some pictures, and figure out the next best steps to address the issue.