STEP 22 Stingray Bag for the ACS GearPOD ROOF

STEP 22 Stingray Bag for the ACS GearPOD ROOF

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We have partnered with Step22 a leading manufacturer of soft storage bags to bring you the perfect organizer for your gear pod Roof. The front grab handle lets you get all your gear in one quick grab. Two bags will fit in one gear pod roof.

The Stingray™ Flat Box is the perfect addition to any organized overland or adventure travel setup. With nearly endless uses it works great for storing clothes, camera gear, food, and camp kitchen utensils. Our innovative design allows you to fold the box down to one-quarter of its built size, all within its own footprint, helping you save valuable space and easily store it when not in use.


Featuring TreadWeave™ Nylon, 1,000 Denier Nylon + CRAWL™ for the base, and Silver IllumiClean™ Antron with Carbonate Coating for the interior lining, this Stingray™ not only helps you keep your adventures organized, it helps you look dang good doing it.

This version is perfect for storing clothing, dry goods, camp kitchen, tech gadgets, and other adventure travel toys.

FITMENT Intended Strictly for the ACS GearPOD ROOF.