GearBAG G2 - 3 PACK + PATCH Kit

GearBAG G2 - 3 PACK + PATCH Kit

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The GearBAG 3 Pack + Patch kit for those who want keep all their gear organized and at the ready.

Want to Bug Out, Go Camping, or for a Surf ?  The Leitner GearBAG is the ultimate GearPOD accessory and quick-reaction storage solution.  Keep your GearPOD organized, keep some on your shelf at the ready, or use it as your daily carry bag. These ergonomically engineered EVA Foam cases fit perfectly in your GearPod or up to 3 in your GearPOD XL.

The Leitner EVA foam case softness means its both flexible and durable, but won't risk cracking like a plastic counterpart.

Specifications | GearBAG for the Leitner GearPOD & GearPOD XL

  • Manufactured from molded EVA Foam

  • Convenient Front & Top Handles

  • Fits up to 5 PVC Content Patches per bag | Patches Sold Separately

  • GearPod XL = Fits 3 GearBAGS  |  GearPOD = Fits 1 GearBAG

  • Water resistant coating & zipper

  • Two removable interior pouches - Velcro backing

  • Lid folds outward while stowed in GearPOD with accessible Gear Pockets

  • 30 Liter Capacity