Being born and raised in suburban New Jersey, I knew I'd have to earn my time in the outdoors. Barring the annual rafting trip with my father and some overnights with the Boy Scouts I really didn't have much real outdoor experience until I went to college.

Having nursed an obsession with action movies and craving a change of pace, I joined the Vermont National Guard after my sophomore year at the University of Vermont. This turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I've yet to make as it landed me a job at the Army Mountain Warfare School. After dedicating just over a year to working for a local non-profit that served the special needs community I had found myself in the Swiss Alps, perfecting my craft in order better educate the US Military on mountain tactics.

Over the years I've developed a passion for travel, and the documentation thereof. I strive to push myself always and believe there is no life to live without a life of risk, and exploration. Aviation, mountaineering, overland travel, photography, tactical proficiency, and surviving harsh environments are how I feed this need. Follow along, maybe you might find something you're looking for.

On The Horizon For Me:

Mt. Rainier Ascent
Multi-week Canoe
Banff to Baja Overland
International Marksmanship Competition
Furthering Pilot endorsements