Born in Slovakia, raised in Southern California, Matus now resides along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Matus is known for a lifelong commitment to steadfastly chasing adventures, critical terrain hiking, serious rock climbing, driven by a passion for fly fishing, and exploring all points of this earth along the path.

Anyone that crosses paths with Matus knows his truck is usually always packed to the gills with everything he needs to be ready for any adventure, from fishing, to deep water free-diving chasing lobsters, to disc golf, rock climbing, and more. He relies on the Leitner Active Cargo System to keep him organized and prepared for the most demanding adventures, and with the β€œCarry Your World,” mantra of Leitner , he is able to disappear for months at a time chasing his dreams and goals in wilderness.

Matus is a man pure of heart, endeavoring the path least traveled, and living an unconventional life on his own terms….bravo brother.