I was born in Canada but have been raised around the world which has given me a lifelong thirst for exploration and adventure. Currently I am based out of Reno, Nevada and live there with my wife and German Wirehaired Pointer, Ceder. I work as the Western Regional Representative of the conservation non-profit, Pheasants Forever.

My work duties are focused around the improvement of wildlife habitat, protection of public lands, and legislative issues, that keeps me on the road at least half of the year. In my spare time I love being in the mountains pursing any one of my passions from bird hunting, fly fishing, rock climbing to mountaineering.

With the substantial time I spend on the road each year it gives me the opportunity to explore and meet new friends. One of my goals over the next couple of years is to successfully pursue every upland bird species in North America and with only a few left, the goal is in sight!!

"I use the Leitner Designs ACS rack because of it's amazing functionality. The rack's modular design allows me to adjust it to suit whichever of my passions I am pursuing on a given day. It's ability to change and perform with all of my outdoor activities not only sets it apart from other options on the market, but puts it in a class of itself.” – Matt Hardinge