I grew up in Southern California exploring the hidden gems of our coast and spent time with my father getting lost in the Mexican desert in search of perfect waves..… and tacos. From mule deer hunting in the hills of Orange County and those strike missions to K-38 MX, adventure and travel was the lifeblood to these experiences. My father, who supported playing hooky in exchange for overnight Tuna trips, was the man who inspired me to explore creation and fostered my love for the outdoors. I always remember my pops having the ultimate adventure vehicle that got us to these magic places and thinking back on those memories, having the perfect adventure rig is absolutely vital.

Boat trips to the Mentawai Islands, couch surfing in Australia surfing cyclones from Northern Queensland to New South Wales, panga missions to Todos Santos Island in Baja in search of big waves, were common experiences after high school and those experiences are what has inspired me to be the new Father I am today…. Now it’s my turn to have that ultimate adventure vehicle to share with my son, what has been passed down to me.

I currently live in San Juan Capistrano, CA with my son Kai, my amazing wife and surf partner Jade, and our 7-year-old Chocolate Labrador, Koa. BBQ beach days at San Onofre, road trips to Montana and Washington, anniversary surf trips to San Juanico across the Mexican desert (can’t forget the tacos), Highway 1 adventures up and down the CA coast, mule deer hunting in the hills or Orange County, HWY 395 trout fishing adventures, Howler Bros road trips to the tip of Florida Keys, are all reasons why I’ve aligned myself with Leitner Designs. I need someway to carry my world and there was only one option !!