Born and raised in Southern California, I have always enjoyed all the various terrains this state has to offer for those who live a very active lifestyle such as myself. I grew up spending a lot of time in the outdoors with my dad; camping, hiking, riding dirt bikes, catching reptiles and other creepy-crawlies.... that would probably make the average girl--or person--go running BUT nonetheless, the outdoors quickly became my happy place and where I could always return to reclaim my peace of mind and freedom.

Since then, my love for the outdoors and exploring new places has only continued to grow and is what initially inspired me to purchase my childhood dream vehicle and begin building my ideal exploration rig. While seemingly insignificant to most, owning this truck has pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and has helped me grow and evolve into who I’ve always been at my core—wild, adventurous, and free. What initially started as a small side hobby/project has since led me to some of the most incredible experiences, memories, and more importantly, friendships and relationships along the way.

From storing camping gear to having the perfect pressurized water set up to hose down the paddleboards after a long day out on the water, I love that the Leitner rack allows me the additional storage, accessories, and mounting options for all the various outdoor activities I may submerge myself into. Nothing feels better than hitting the road/trails with confidence, knowing that I am prepared and ready for any adventure that may lie ahead.