HydroPOD CARRY  &   HydroPOD ACS Rack Mounted

Remote showering just got a whole lot simpler with this 4.8 gallon on-the-go pressurized wash kit. The HydroPOD by Leitner Designs comes in two convenient options, Rack Mounted to your Active Cargo System, and its portable brother the HydroPOD CARRY that you can take anywhere. Both HydroPODs feature:

  • 4.8 Gallon Tank
  • Custom engineered Leitner pressurizing pump
  • Food grade tank & hose for potable water storage
  • 20’ hose to reach any radiator no matter where you put in your car
  • Multiple spray options on nozzle
  • Sturdy metal mounting bracket on “ACS Rack Mounted” option
  • Durable composite base & handle on the “Carry” option
  • Can be easily converted to opposite function with additional purchase of Base & Handle Kit or ACS Mounting Bracket Kit

From surfers, soccer moms, hunters, fishermen, hikers, off-roaders to any outdoor enthusiast the HydroPOD is your mobile showering & equipment washing answer. There’s nothing better than freshening up after a long day in the great outdoors and sitting in front of a campfire with that satisfying clean feeling. The HydroPOD CARRY & ACS Rack Mounted wash kits are in-stock and ready to rock.