LEITNER Partners with Total Archery Challenge for 2023 Sweepstakes Truck

The best 3D archery experience available today, the Total Archery Challenge, tests archers of all skill levels. The three-day TAC events, which include more than 100 3D targets set among scenic natural habitats in such states as Montana, Colorado and Vermont, are professionally designed to test marksmanship while adjusting for distance, angle and natural obstacles.

Each day of the challenge shooters are able to choose from multiple courses of various distances and skill levels. For instance, at an upcoming event the BRCC Course features 25 targets set at 25-75 yards, with steep angles to challenge archers’ proficiency. Meanwhile, at the same event the more difficult Sitka Course, offering 25 targets set at longer distances of 60-100 yards, is designed to mimic bowhunting for mountain species such as Bighorn Sheep.

Want to bring the whole family? All TAC events offer a stationary kids range, featuring dinosaur and zombie targets, while many of the events also include a complete kids course that sports around a dozen targets set at 5-20 yards. In addition to the spectacular venue, there are many delicious food options on hand as well as numerous vendors with their latest outdoor offerings.

Of course, every TAC event also features fun novelty competitions, including the chance to drive home in a new truck. To win the Leitner Active Cargo System (ACS)-equipped hunting rig, archers must hit the center ring of a target (arrow inside out) set at 111 yards. The winner is chosen at random from qualified archers at the conclusion of the season. Leitner Designs is a national sponsor for the Total Archery Challenge and contributed to the Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss truck equipped with Leitner’s ACS Forged Rack and unique accessories. 

Leitner’s Tools for the Task - ACS Forged + GearPOD XL

Leitner designed the ACS Forged truck bed rack to safely house and carefully organize all the gear required for your archery lifestyle. The ACS Forged Bed Rack serves as the perfect mobile locker for securely storing your bows, arrows and archery gear under lock and key, all kept at eye level and within arm’s reach.

Here’s a rundown of the standout equipment Leitner featured at the Total Archery Challenge – The ACS Forged Rack and GearPOD XL Gen 2 storage pods.

Active Cargo System (ACS) Forged

The Leitner Designs Active Cargo System (ACS) Forged Rack is the culmination of five years of rigorous testing and hundreds of thousands of off-road development miles. Engineered and built by outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts, the ACS rack is designed to keep all of your equipment and gear securely out of harm’s way. Leitner created the ACS to be the most rugged, versatile and dependable bed rack system available today, offering patented eye-level storage and an integrated line of functional accessories.

GearPOD XL - GEN 2

Now in its second generation, the GearPOD XL - Gen 2 brings useful new features to the original GearPOD that was already the benchmark in the field with its patented side-mounted and eye-level locking storage. Featuring improved water resistant seals, redesigned brackets for maximum strength and a spring activated "Leitner Lid Lifter" for easy opening & closing, the GearPOD XL - Gen 2 perfectly integrates into the side of the Leitner ACS Rack, providing straightforward side access to stowed gear, along with key locking functionality, integrated padlock holes for extra security and 40 gallons (160 quarts) of cargo volume for safely storing your bow and arrow with your truck.

https://www.beararchery.com/https://www.firestonetire.com/https://www.anthemwheels.com/https://dmosproshoveltools.com/https://au.lightforce.com/https://gofsr.com/https://mountainhatch.org/The Leitner Designs ACS Forged rack for Chevrolet Silverado used in the Total Archery Challenge is currently available to purchase, priced from $1,950, including a two-year limited warranty. The side-mounted storage accessory GearPOD XL - Gen 2 is priced at $699.

Buyers can find more information on all Leitner Designs products online at www.leitnerdesigns.com

Additional Annual Sponsors Include:

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Freespirit Recreation - Roof Top Tents
Mountain Hatch - Tailgate Inserts
Light Force USA - Lighting
DMOS - Premium Shovels
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BEAR Archery - Truck Sponsor