HydroPOD: Behind the Design of the Portable Wash System


Leitner Designs created the rack mounted HydroPOD and free standing HydroPOD Carry portable wash system for people with active lifestyles. HydroPOD provides accessible and easy-to-use pressurized water in a compact 4.8-gallon tank, ideal for rinsing off after any active day spent outdoors. HydroPOD Carry was made to conveniently go wherever adventure awaits.

Behind the Design

“We designed the HydroPOD Carry to be mobile so that it could adapt to a wide range of outdoor hobbies. HydroPOD is high quality yet compact. It’s easy to use and provides reliable pressurized water no matter where you take it,” said Leitner Designs Founder and CEO Bernhard Leitner. “From a quick shower after a day of surfing to bathing your dog after a muddy hike, or cleaning off soccer gear after a game, the HydroPOD Carry puts pressurized water right in your hand wherever you need it.”

Unique Features

HydroPOD Carry is, well, easy to carry! Thanks to an easy-to-grab handle and secure base, the new HydroPod Carry can go wherever water is needed. Whether you’re rinsing off kids, dogs, or gear, you can easily move HydroPOD Carry from the beach, trailhead, or backyard to your vehicle’s cargo area. Best of all, the new HydroPOD Carry is engineered and manufactured right here in the USA.

Specifications and details

● Compact 4.8-gallon tank with ergonomic handle and stable base.
● Custom engineered and efficient high-pressure pump.
● 20-foot-long hose expands usable range.
● Dimensions: 9.6” wide x 16.6” long x 18.8” tall
● Easily converts from rack-mounted HydroPOD to “Carry” version with available handle and base
● With its removable handle and base, the HydroPOD Carry can also be easily converted to mount directly to Leitner’s ACS Active Cargo System available for mid- and full-size trucks.

HydroPOD Carry and HydroPOD rack-mount are both priced at $349 and include a one-year limited warranty. Buyers can find more information on the accessories page at www.LeitnerDesigns.com