How to Attach RotopaX to Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System

Unless you’re driving one of the small handful of off-road capable electric vehicles, your adventure rig is going to need fuel. And unless you hydrate yourself with nothing by Monster Energy Drink, you’re going to need water when you’re off-road in the backcountry. If these parameters apply to you, you’re going to need to carry RotopaX with you.

If you’re not familiar with RotopaX, they’re rotomolded, three-layer fuel and water containers. What’s more, RotopaX is the only rotational-molded EPA and CARB compliant container on the market. They come in multiple sizes and styles, including 1-, 1.75-, 2-, 3-, and 4-gallon options across multiple generations of designs. With these things in mind, it’s no surprise that RotopaX are the go-to fuel- and water-carrying accessories for outdoor enthusiasts.

Although RotopaX are designed to be quick to access, not every truck bed rack has the design to accommodate RotopaX Deluxe Pax or Lox Pax Mounts. Luckily, Leitner designed its track and accessories to not only accommodate RotopaX but also remain strong enough to reliably secure RotopaX — even when off road. Let’s look at how.

Active Cargo System

Company founder and chief designer and engineer, Bernhard Leitner, is an outdoors and off-road enthusiast. Bernhard has multiple off-road trucks and off-road motorcycles in his garage. And he loves to push his trucks and motorcycles to the extreme every weekend.

That means Bernhard has firsthand experience with the frustrations and pain points that come with relying on your rig in the backcountry. That’s why he founded the company and created the Active Cargo System (ACS). Bernhard found that no other company produced the truck bed rack that he wanted. So, he designed his own. Leitner Designs was born.

Leitner’s patented Active Cargo System (ACS), engineered and built to welcome all active lifestyles, is the toughest, most functional modular rack-based cargo solution available today. With its ergonomic eye-level storage, adjustable sliding rear load bar and full line of accessories, the ACS delivers the ultimate in versatility, performance, and durability.

Attaching RotopaX

Bernhard designed the ACS truck rack to accommodate all kinds of must-have accessories for off-grid, outdoor, overland, and off-road travel — RotopaX being chief among them. The key to mounting RotopaX to the ACS rack are the Leitner Designs Universal Mounting Plates.

The ACS Universal Mounting Plate is designed to securely attach many kinds of items onto any ACS rack. In addition to being specifically designed to accommodate the RotopaX Deluxe Pax or Lox Pax Mounts, the Universal Mounting Plate also comes predrilled for Quickfist clamps, which enable convenient mounting of shovels, axes, and other items.

Each ACS Universal Mounting Plate can hold two or more 2-Gallon Gen 2 RotopaX on either side. That’s up to eight gallons of water (64 lbs) or fuel (48 lbs). Depending on the length of your truck’s bed, you could install three or more Universal Mounting Plates to your ACS rack. Imagine how much fuel or water you could hold on your rig; more than you could probably ever use on a single trip.

Universal Mounting Plate mounts to the Active Cargo System in moments thanks to its simple T-slot installation. Each ACS Universal Mounting Plate comes with Leitner Designs exclusive grade 10.9 black zinc-nickel-plated fasteners. Despite being tough enough to securely hold more than 64 pounds of water or fuel in off-road environments, each ACS Universal Mounting Plate weighs just 4.5 lbs. Better still, like all Leitner Designs products, the ACS Universal Mounting Plate is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Another benefit of the quick-mounting design of the Universal Mounting Plate is the speed with which it can be repositioned or removed. Want to bring more RotopaX for fuel or water? In a matter of minutes, you can uninstall one of your other Leitner accessories, like the GearPOD Dual, and install in its place one or two Universal Mounting Plates. You’re then another few minutes away from installing the RotopaX mounts.


The benefits of Leitner Designs Active Cargo System truck bed rack is its modularity, accessorization, and ease of use. You can use it to support all of your hobbies and passions. Because of the great number of accessories and upfitter options available, you can build up an ACS over time to suit your budget and/or outfit it differently for distinct applications or adventures.

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