Best Bed Rack for Ford F-150

The Ford F-150, the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., delivers a diverse lineup of purpose-built full-size trucks renowned for toughness, technology, productivity and performance. Able to tow or carry just about any combination of personal recreational vehicle and outdoor toys, the Ford F-150 offers up to 14,000 pounds of towing capability and 3,325 pounds of payload thanks to a fully boxed high-strength steel frame with high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body. The range of powertrain options is as expansive as the Grand Canyon, featuring the turbocharged EcoBoost V-6, the PowerBoost V-6 hybrid, a naturally aspirated V-8, the all-electric Lightning and the 700-horsepower supercharged V-8 Raptor R.

Leitner engineered the Active Cargo System (ACS) rack to fit all three of the F-150’s bed lengths – 5-feet-6-inches, 6-feet-6-inches and 8-feet – compatible with most F-150 trucks from model years 2004 - 2023.

ACS Benefits & Features

ACS Classic

The ACS CLASSIC has been a hit with bed rack shoppers since it broke onto the scene in 2014. With such creative features as eye-level side storage and a rear sliding load bar, the ACS Classic is a rugged and unique modular rack that can accommodate tall or large items such as motocross bikes. It’s also available with integrated GearPODs for even more versatility, and a variety of compatible Leitner Accessories.

Technical Highlights:
       ● 81 pounds
       ● 23” tall measured from top of bed caps
       ● 250-pound off-road dynamic weight capacity
       ● 500-pound on-road dynamic weight capacity
       ● 1,000-pound parked static weight capacity

Active Cargo System (ACS) Forged

The ACS FORGED is the sleek, next-generation Active Cargo System from Leitner Designs. Equipped with single piece aluminum alloy uprights and custom 10.9 Alloy steel fasteners, the ACS FORGED offers extreme load carrying capabilities. Beyond its modern design, the ACS Forged features Leitner’s patented sliding load bar, eye-level storage, available GearPODs and other accessories.

Technical Highlights:
        ● 85 pounds
        ● 23” tall measured from top of bed caps
        ● Grade 10.9 black Zi-NI coated fasteners
        ● 400-pound off-road dynamic weight capacity
        ● 800-pound on-road dynamic weight capacity
        ● 1,400-pound parked static weight capacity

ACS Tonneau

The ACS TONNEAU is available to further complement the ACS Forged rack. Featuring a compatible T-Slot Rail Tonneau Cover, the ACS Tonneau brings a standout storage solution along with the convenience and security of a seamlessly integrated covered bed tonneau to any truck bed.


The modular design of the ACS rack means it can be tailored to fit all of your outdoor activities and gear. Throw in Leitner’s expansive lineup of Accessories, and the possibilities for personalization are boundless.

Ranging from the patented GearPOD XL to the HydroPOD pressurized shower kit, the accessories for Leitner’s ACS offer unrivaled flexibility among truck bed racks.

Case in point: Leitner Designs’ patented side-mounted GearPODs, ideal for Ford F-150, provide exclusive eye-level storage and are available in three sizes to fit various needs. From a salty and sandy summer of surfing in San Diego to a dusty 100-mile dirt bike excursion through the Mojave, the weatherproof, dust-resistant, locking and padlockable GearPODs for Ford F-150 keep precious gear safe, secure and within easy reach.

Selecting Your Rack

Leitner Designs’ ACS bed rack is the preeminent choice among Ford F-150 owners because it's just as sturdy, versatile and all-American as their truck. Die-hard outdoorsman, dirt-biker and Leitner CEO and founder Bernhard Leitner created ACS to turn his dream bed rack into a reality. Designed for and built by off-road enthusiasts, the ACS is the toughest and most attractive modular rack system on the market, engineered to take on adventure after adventure, just like the Ford F-150.

Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System (ACS) offers three models that fit Ford F-150: ACS Classic (starting at $1,550), ACS FORGED (starting at $1,950) and ACS Tonneau ($1,650 for Rack + Tonneau cover).All three Active Cargo Systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA and feature a two-year limited warranty. The ACS is compatible with all Leitner accessories and is built for a multitude of jobs, from safely securing hunting or camping gear to expertly loading a week’s worth of kayaking equipment. Here are three of our favorite rack-and-truck pairings featuring the Ford F-150 with the ACS Classic, ACS FORGED and ACS Tonneau:

Ford F-150 Lightning SuperCrew 5-foot-6-inch Bed

The new all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is literally putting a charge into the full-size truck segment, changing the way Americans think about their work trucks and daily-driver rigs. The ideal canopy to the F-150 Lightning SuperCrew 5-foot-6-inch bed, the ACS Classic integrates Leitner's renowned design and unsurpassed capability with versatile load carrying and practical storage options. Pricing for the ACS Classic starts from $1,550.

Which ACS: ACS Classic
Favorite accessory: GearPOD XL - GEN 2. Constructed from roto-molded high-density polyethylene, the same stuff that’s used to make the grizzly-proof cooler nestled in the Lightning’s bed, the GearPOD XL - GEN 2 delivers easily accessible, side-mounted storage for all your activities. The uber convenient GearPOD XL - GEN 2, providing a robust 40 gallons of storage volume, removes the headaches associated with fussy storage bins and offers enough space to house all of your adventure essentials.
Hobbies/activities: Bow hunter, avid kayaker, weekend camper

Ford F-150 King Ranch SuperCrew 6-foot-6-inch Bed

For Ford F-150 King Ranch owners who enjoy hitting the ponderosa in luxurious style with a bed full of lumber and tools looming in the auto-dimming rearview, the ACS FORGED is the rack of choice. Thoroughly vetted over five years and hundreds of thousands of miles of off-road testing, the ACS Forged is engineered to withstand the rigorous, long-haul chores that F-150 King Ranch owners expect from their leather-lined do-it-all trucks. The ACS Forged offers a more modern design compared to the original ACS Classic, yet still boasts all the strength and modularity. The ACS Forged bed rack starts from $1,950 and is available for all Ford F-150 models.

Which ACS: ACS Forged
Favorite accessory: GearBAG 3 PACK + PATCH Kit. Designed to fit neatly in a GearPOD XL - Gen 2, the GearBAG 3 Pack + Patch kit keeps gear organized and at the ready. Each GearBAG is ergonomically engineered from EVA foam and has a 30-liter capacity. Up to three GearBAGs orderly line up in a GearPOD XL - Gen 2, providing a practical and quick-reaction storage solution that can even be used as an on-the-run carry bag for a hike along the Appalachian or a drift down the Deschutes.
Which hobbies/activities:Multi-day hikers, ardent overlanders, weekend kayakers

Ford F-150 XLT Supercab 8-foot Bed

Searching for a full-size truck with the ultimate combo of maximum cargo capacity and maximum passenger room? Look no further than the F-150 XLT Super Cab with an 8-foot bed. With enough room and capability in the bed to haul a cord of redwood or a trophy elk, not to mention a cab that can accommodate a crew of five adults in comfort, the F-150 XLT Super Cab is the ideal recipient of the ACS Tonneau. Similar to the ACS Forged, the ACS Tonneau offers the same sleek design, impressive load-carrying capabilities and easy-to-use cargo security, but throws in a compatible T-Slot Rail Tonneau Cover that adds the peace of mind of a fully secure bed.

Which ACS: ACS Tonneau
Favorite accessory: HydroPOD. Whether building a dream log cabin from sunrise to sunset or wading miles of river in search of trophy trout, a long day of exertion can call for a refreshing shower. Say hello to the Leitner HydroPOD. With 4.8 gallons of potable water capacity, the compact, ACS rack-mounted shower system brings a pressurized wash to wherever the F-150 takes you. Even better, the 20-foot-long hose extends the entire length of the F-150 XLT Super Cab, even when mounted in the far back of the Active Cargo System. Hobbies/activities: Stream fisher, big wave surfer, century cyclist


Leitner’s patented Active Cargo System (ACS), designed and engineered to embrace all active lifestyles, is the strongest, most versatile modular rack-based cargo solution available today. With its adjustable sliding rear load bar and ergonomic eye-level storage and accessories, the ACS delivers unmatched performance, versatility and reliability, just like the tough lineup of Ford F-150 trucks.

Whether opting for the original ACS Classic, the modern ACS Forged or the highly flexible ACS Tonneau.Leitner Designs builds the best bed racks for Ford F-150. To learn more and see how owners are using and living with their ACS racks, please follow Leitner Designs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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