OVR: Outdoor Vehicle Recreation Offers Great Adventures Through Print Magazines & Digital Content

Outdoor Vehicle Recreation is about leveraging our own vehicles to get out into the wilderness to responsibly explore and discover the world around us.

Whether we’re forging forward into the backwoods or taking a well-known route on a favorite road trip, it’s all about getting out and enjoying the ride as much as the destination.

OVR Magazine encapsulates everything that you’re into, that is the Outdoors, Vehicles, Recreation, Overlanding and so much more. If you enjoy living life on the trail and exploring the hidden corners of our natural world, OVR: Outdoor Vehicle Recreation is the media outlet for you.

Take deep dives into one-of-a-kind, purpose built off-road-capable vehicles, and anything else that gets us out there for that matter. OVR’s crew are hardcore outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending time with friends and family in adventure-ready vehicles while immersed in our favorite outdoor activities. Whether you are overlanding for weeks at a time in far-flung locations or camping with the kids on the weekends, OVR has specially curated, vehicle-based outdoor activity content that you will find interesting, useful, and entertaining. For more info please visit  www.OVRMAG.com

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