A midwest transplant, living out the adventure in Idaho.

I started my life in the west in 2006 as a Forester and wildland firefighter over the course of 12 years, which only cultivated my love for adventure & the great outdoors. For the last 6 years, Ive been the lifestyle photographer for BRCC, and a few other outdoor gear companies. I’m grateful every single day for the opportunity to bring all of my passions together and make a career out of that.

I’m passionate for all things outdoors from dirt biking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, overlanding, skiing, split boarding… and making coffee while doing all of them;)

Utilizing the Leitner ACS rack and gear pods allows me to quickly shift from one adventure mode to the next. I love being able to keep EDC organized in the gear pods, as well as room to modify based on the next adventure.