I grew up in the dessert and valleys of SoCal and can always remember skateboarding, dirt bikes and crazy jumps, snowboarding and surfing, or at least trying to surf in the savage Pacific swells. I’ve always had a strong desire towards adventure sports in beautiful terrain, it all still calls me.

Finding Thai kickboxing and martial arts at a young age helped me funnel more than a few of my passionate feelings both as a kid and into my adult life. Being a fighter made me a better Marine and being a Marine made me a much better Protector. I love teaching self defense and safe basic gun handling. I find it empowering to have the ability to protect myself and my family as I’m continually training to increase my skill set. I’ve been into personal security for a few years and enjoy using my Jeep as part of my ongoing training platform. With that my master degree is in communication from the University of Miami, so I’m totally stoked to be sharing my recommendation of products and companies that deliver quality even above what you expected, that's Leitner.

I’m a die hard Leitner Designs fan girl, I did the research to find a rig that was #1 for me and my explorer lifestyle… I found just that! The GearPod XL and GearPod are super practical. I store my camping gear and dog training equipment in them so functionality scores high here. The rack being adjustable for dirt bikes is genius and it holds my Roof Nest RTT like a champ.