The signature aspect of every Leitner Designs product is that it is well thought through, has elegant design, over engineered, and over built to withstand the extremely harsh conditions of any offroad environment. From its inception the Leitner Active Cargo System (ACS) has been a leader in the truck bed rack market with its patented sliding rear load bar and patented side mounted storage GearPODs. Matched with unparalleled design, custom aluminum extrusions and hardware the Active Cargo System boasts a 400 lb. on-road, 800lb. off-road and 1400lb. static load rating which is head and shoulders above all other shippable truck bed racks.

With the explosion of “overlanding” it was only natural that other outdoor enthusiasts would look toward the off-road and overlanding market place to find solutions to hauling and securing gear for their own specific sports. In the last few years a phenomenon call “purpose built” adventure trucks has made a charge to the forefront of the truck upfitting marketplace. People are now approaching truck accessory purchases based on the maximum benefit toward their sport be it, hunting, fishing, motocross, snow sports, ocean sports, rock climbing….and the list goes on.

Our friend Dan Staton of Elkshape is one of the premiere public figures in promoting performance nutrition, hunting tactics, gear configurations and conservation within the archery hunting space. Leitner Designs is proud to support Dan’s efforts helping educate the archery community on hunting specific truck builds to create an efficiency in the way people go hunting. Dan philosophy is “if there’s daylight, I need to be hunting and not setting up camp”. Click on Dan’s videos above to learn more about his rig, or visit his website to see how you can participate in one of the Elkshape camps.

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