Was born and raised in the mountains in Northern Ca with a very outdoors family. Backpacking, camping, wilderness survival and rock climbing were a huge part of my life growing up.

From a young age, I wanted to be in the SEAL Teams. After high school I joined the Navy and went to SEAL Training in 02. Knocking that out I checked into the SEAL teams early 2000’s. I spent the next 10 years with the Teams operating in Iraq, S. East Asia as well as Afghanistan.

After getting out with 100% disability due to injuries I proceeded to work in the movie Industry advising and doing stunts. Working the Transformer movies, Turtles, Thirteen hours, Logan, The last ship and from 2017 to present working on the Avatar films.

Mid 2015 I start blades smithing to get the right tools to my brothers within the SEAL Teams and other SOF groups. Being an end user my whole life I knew there was a need for purpose driven tools for those on a mission. Something different from than your everyday run of the mill tools but something truly built for you and for your walk-through life.

Also during this time, I started hunting and very soon got into bow hunting. I have since been hunting and fishing all over the states and some overseas. I am a huge believer in being self-sustaining and independent of the system. Learning to provide for yourself while growing business to help others find this way of life.

I work with foundations throughout the year such as American Warrior Association, Warriors Choice foundation, SEAL Future fund, Green Beret Foundation and many more to raise funds and awareness for our warfighters and also for those serving on the home front.

Half Face Blades
Canoe Club USA 

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