Once you’ve slept in a rooftop tent, it’s hard to go back to ground tents. That’s because their quick-deploying design, especially clamshell-style rooftop tents, allow campers to go from driver’s seat to sleeping bag in a matter of minutes. What’s more, in a rooftop tent, you’re up above the ground — far away from rocks, puddles, critters and more.

So, if you’re serious about spending time in the backcountry, a rooftop tent is an essential part of your gear. And if you’re installing a rooftop tent over your truck bed, especially a heavy one, you’re going to want a Leitner rack.

Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System (ACS) Forged has the highest payload capacity in the segment. It is rated at safely holding 400 pounds off-road, 800 lbs on-road, and 1,400 lbs static. This makes it the best solution for attaching even the heaviest of rooftop tents to your truck.

It’s important to note the ACS’ off-road weight capacity. It may be half the on-road capacity, but it’s still much higher than its competitors off-road capacity. That’s because, and this shouldn’t be much of a surprise to most of you, the strains of off-road travel are infinitely greater than on-road. So, it’s important to have a rack that is designed to handle the harshest off-road conditions. Leitner Designs’ ACS Forged is designed to excel in the rigors of off-road travel.

Expedition Portal gave the ACS its ‘Editors Choice’ award for that reason. If you plan to load up a heavy rooftop tent and a bunch of hefty gear and then go off-road, you’ll want a rack that can handle everything you can toss at it.

Active Cargo System

Bernhard Leitner, Leitner Designs’ founder, chief designer and engineer is an avid off-roader. With multiple off-road trucks in his garage, Bernhard loves to push his trucks to the extreme every weekend. And on some of his rigs, he carries a rooftop tent.

That means Bernhard has firsthand experience with the frustrations and pain points that come with relying on your rig in the backcountry. In fact, that’s why he founded Leitner Designs; Bernhard created the Active Cargo System (ACS) because no other company made the rack that he wanted for his trucks. Bernhard designed the best rack on the market with the features he knew any active truck owner would want.

Leitner’s patented Active Cargo System (ACS), engineered and built to welcome all active lifestyles, is the toughest, most functional modular rack-based cargo solution available today. With its ergonomic eye-level storage, adjustable sliding rear load bar and full line of accessories, the ACS delivers the ultimate in versatility, performance, and durability.

Attaching a Roof Top Tent

With most truck-bed racks, owners attach their rooftop tents to their rack crossbars using the eight bolts and four u-bolts supplied with the tent. While a reliable way to attach the roof top tent to the rack crossbars, the long bolts that protrude from the bottom of the roof-top tent’s underside mounting channels can prove to be a hazard; it’s not uncommon for people to hit their heads against these long bolts, as they climb into their pickup’s bed.

What’s more, simply camping around the crossbar doesn’t provide much security against sideways g forces. The rubber strips on the supplied u-brackets don’t provide much gripping power under great loads, like those trucks experience off road.

The Leitner Designs Roof Top Tent Brackets solve both of these issues. Furthermore, the Leitner brackets make installing, adjusting, and uninstalling a rooftop tent much easier.

Using the Leitner Roof Top Tent Brackets instead of the supplied bolts and clamps cuts the number of bolts protruding from the roof-top tent’s mounting channel by half — four instead of eight. At the same time, since the Leitner brackets attach on the side of the crossbars with eight horizontal bolts, the rooftop tent is much more secure under lateral loads.

While most roof top tents, including those from 23Zero, CVT, EEZI-AWN, Freespirit Recreation, Roofnest, and Tepui, can be mounted with these standard brackets, tents from James Baroud and iKAMPER cannot. These require specially designed brackets, which Leitner also offers.

It is also worth noting that Leitner’s smart Roof Top Tent Brackets only work with the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System. If you’re hoping to find a clever rooftop tent mounting system for your generic bed rack, you’ll have to look elsewhere. That or step up and get an ACS for your truck.


Leitner Designs has an ever-growing ecosystem of accessories for its Active Cargo System that makes getting out, exploring, and engaging in the natural world and with your favorite hobbies easier, safer, and more fun.

Whether choosing the original ACS Classic, the sleek ACS Forged or the adaptable ACS Tonneau, Leitner Designs makes the finest bed racks for backcountry and off-road adventures. To learn more and see how owners are using and living with their ACS racks, please follow Leitner Designs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.