Tuan Vo of Runnin 4 Tacos’ Review of Leitner Designs’ ACS Forged Bed Rack

Ranking the best truck bed cargo racks available today, the overlanding experts at Runnin 4 Tacos (R4T) have declared the Leitner Active Cargo System to be the “perfect setup” for both the midsize Toyota Tacoma and the full-size Toyota Tundra.

Prior to hitting the trail in their third-generation Tacoma fitted with a Leitner ACS Forged, R4T tried and tested competitor bed racks, including a mid-height rack with a small tent and then a large overland rack with a full-size tent, but concluded the Leitner ACS to be their “favorite bed rack to date,” thanks to its unmatched versatility, sleek and premium appearance, rock-solid forged build-quality and abundant, accessible storage solutions.

When their adventures demanded extra storage – and more importantly, storage that was lockable and didn’t require climbing up on rock sliders to access – R4T turned to the Leitner ACS’s modular and fully customizable lineup of accessories, including the large GearPOD XL, midsize GearPOD DUAL and standard GearPOD.

While R4T used the GearPOD GEN 2 and GearPOD DUAL for storing everything from recovery gear and blankets to pulleys, shackles and a tackle box, they leveraged the larger GearPOD XL to swallow a GearBAG 3 PACK, a trio of ergonomically engineered 30-liter EVA foam cases. R4T stored pillows, hammocks and other gear in the GearBAGs, especially appreciating the bags’ outward folding lid with three pockets that give easy access to items such as utensils and toiletries.

Of course, R4T also mounted a full-size rooftop tent to the Leitner ACS, utilizing the rack’s extendable load bars to accommodate the larger footprint, and were quick to highlight how the inboard mounts were ideal for hauling recovery boards and fuel containers and how the detachable HydroPOD shower system was perfect for washing dishes and clearing sand from your feet.

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