Leitner Partners with SIG Sauer at P365 EDC Marksmanship Competition

At the second annual SIG Sauer Academy P365 EDC Championship, SIG Sauer P365 series pistol owners and shooting enthusiasts put their skills to the test in an exciting competition. The event featured 13 total stages, replicating real-life scenarios designed to test marksmanship, concealed carry, and competition shooting skills.

The competition was divided between three segments: Stock, Carry Optics, and Open, based on the modification level of the firearm. Each of the 13 competition stages simulated realistic marksmanship scenarios with unique obstacles and features. Leitner Designs provided sponsorship support for the competition and set up a Ford F150 truck equipped with Leitner’s ACS Forged Rack and unique accessories.

Leitner’s Tools for the Task - ACS Forged + GearPOD XL

Leitner created the ACS Forged truck bed rack to accommodate, securely store and easily organize all the gear you need for active outdoor hobbies, such as shooting and marksmanship. The ACS Forged Bed Rack provides an ideal basis for securely storing your firearms, ammo and active gear, all within eye-level, easy-to-access, yet locked and secured, arm’s reach.

Let’s walk through the key equipment Leitner utilized at the SIG Sauer Academy Championship – The ACS Forged Rack and GearPOD XL Gen 2 storage pods.

Active Cargo System (ACS) Forged

The Leitner Designs Active Cargo System (ACS) Forged Rack is the result of five years of testing and thousands of development miles. The ACS rack was made by outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts, and all of their hobbies and gear. Leitner designed the ACS to be the most durable, adaptable and toughest bed rack system on the market. With its patented eye-level storage, storing and easily accessing all your gear is second-nature, and kept neatly and securely using Leitner’s integrated line of available accessories.

GearPOD XL - GEN 2

Leitner’s patented side-mounted GearPOD offers unique eye-level, locking storage, perfect for securing and neatly storing your firearm with your truck. The GearPOD XL perfectly integrates into the side of the Leitner ACS Rack, offering easy side access to stored gear, with key locking, integrated padlock holes for extra security, and 40 gallons (160 quarts) of storage volume. Now in its second generation, the GearPOD XL - Gen 2 includes new features like a spring activated "Leitner Lid Lifter" for easy opening & closing, improved water-resistant seals, and redesigned brackets for maximum strength.

The Leitner Designs ACS Forged rack for Ford F-150 used in the SIG Sauer Academy Championship is available to purchase now and priced from $1,950, including a two-year limited warranty. The rack pictured above also features the side-mounted storage accessory GearPOD XL - Gen 2, priced at $699. 

Buyers can find more information on all Leitner Designs products online at www.leitnerdesigns.com

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