LEITNER ACS ROOF & GearPOD ROOF Reveal Earns Big Coverage Across the Web


In late August, 2023, Leitner Designs revealed Active Cargo System ROOF, the brand’s first platform rack, and GearPOD ROOF, the world’s first side-opening rooftop storage box.

The pair extend Leitner Designs’ leading cargo-carrying design engineering beyond the truck bed to any vehicle with a roof, enabling anyone to securely carry their most valuable gear no matter what kind of vehicle they own. The ACS ROOF and GearPOD ROOF together represent the first-ever integrated rooftop storage system composed of a platform rack and dedicated rooftop cargo box from a single brand.

If you want to shop these innovative new products, you can find them on their respective landing pages. ACS ROOF is here. And the accessories for ACS ROOF, including GearPOD ROOF, are here.


In addition to debuting the products on the show floor of Overland Expo Mountain West for tens of thousands of overlanders, Leitner has also been able to earn a handful of meaningful coverage from elite media outlets:

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“The GearPod Roof’s ingenuity extends to security mechanisms as well. Unlike traditional rooftop boxes that require external straps and locks, the GearPod Roof integrates internally mounted locks that safeguard against both the elements and potential theft,” said Graeme Bell of Expedition Portal.

“But here’s my favorite part — the GearPODS attach to the load bars internally with the simple flick of a latch. Not only is that an elegant solution that solves the annoyance of trying to attach anything to a roof rack, but it also means one less set of keys you have to keep track of,” wrote Andrew Marshall of GearJunkie.


About Leitner Designs

Leitner Designs is a company of genuine outdoor enthusiasts, driven by the philosophy that life is best spent with family and friends in the great outdoors. Leitner believes it’s in moments outside that we find our best selves. This belief translates to everything Leitner does, from design to manufacturing to customer service. Founder Bernhard Leitner’s love for adventure and the great outdoors drives Leitner’s commitment to providing the highest quality, most innovative truck accessories to help you “Carry Your World."