ACS Classic Highlighted in Popular Mechanics Overland Expo Roundup


Popular Mechanics attended this year’s Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ, where they chronicled the best off-road rigs and gear that caught their eye at the world’s premier adventure travel event series. Leitner’s ACS Classic truck bed rack and GearPOD storage were mentioned in this list after being spotted on one of their favorite rigs from the show, a custom truck creation by New Legend 4x4, equipped with Leitner’s ACS Classic rack and GearPODs. Read the Popular Mechanics article here, and learn more about the ACS Classic rack and GearPOD below.

Active Cargo System (ACS) Classic

The ACS Classic was made to add easy-to-use utility and storage to your truck, for work or play. Whether you need to store off-road essentials like MAXTRAX for an overlanding trip, or secure a work ladder for the jobsite, ACS Classic was made for the mission. With innovative features like a patented sliding rear sliding load bar and eye-level side storage, the ACS Classic is uniquely easy-to-use and modular. First introduced in 2014, ACS Classic remains a market leader and the only rack that can still accommodate tall or large items in the bed, simply by sliding the rear load bar. ACS Classic is available for a variety of trucks and bed sizes, viewable on Leitner’s ACS Classic product page.


Leitner’s unique eye-level storage is fully unlocked with the GearPOD side-mounted storage accessory. GearPOD mounts easily onto the side of the ACS rack and provides easily accessible, yet secure and integrated storage for all your tools and gear. With GearPOD, you can replace your hard to access toolbox with eye-level, secure and organized storage, with 10.5 gallons of storage volume. GearPOD is offered in three distinct sizes, original GearPOD, as well as the larger GearPOD DUAL, and even larger GearPOD XL, or you can mount multiple GearPODs along the side of your ACS rack.

The ACS Classic rack is available for a variety of trucks and is priced from $1,450, depending on vehicle fitment. ACS Classic also includes a two-year limited warranty. Buyers can find more information online at 

The GearPOD is designed to mount directly on Leitner ACS racks and is priced at $349. Buyers can find more information on the GearPOD product page, and view other GearPOD sizes and Leitner accessories at the following link.