Withhunting season over and fishing season starting for me, it was only right that I spent the weekend at Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake is an alkalai lake about an hour north of Reno and known for producing some of the biggest trout in North America. The Lahontan Cutthroat is Nevada's state fish and can grow to over 20 lbs.

The weekend was bluebird, warm, and with no wind, not the ideal conditions to fish (They like stormier days). We fished hard with my buddy Tom catching the only fish on the first day, a hog at 16 lbs. I lucked out the second day with the only fish, a meager 7 lber, a gem of a river fish but not what you're after at Pyramid. A slow weekend but it's always nice spending time on the water regardless.

I'm crossing my fingers for winter to return, for moisture in the mountains and some stormy weather on Pyramid.